Angus Wilkie

Award made: January 2020

Angus Wilkie, 5th year Product Design Engineering

Once a firefighter enters a burning building, he is esentially on his own and, not only does he have little information about what his colleagues are doing, his incident commander has little knowledge of conditions being experienced by the firefighters. As a result, few statistics are gathered which might contribute to future strategy and training.

Angus has been working closely with various members of the Scottish Fire and Rescue Service (statistical analysts, incident commanders and firefighters themselves) to address this problem. He is developing a data-collection system, which could ultimately be used in a heads-up display system using augmented reality to visualise key pieces of data in a non-distracting form in order to increase the effectiveness of firefighters at a variety of different incidents. This would offer greater situational awareness and a clearer understanding of the problems, risks and hazards that they face. At this stage, the project concentrates on the data collection and communication aspects.