Awards to societies


UGRacing have been designing and building racing cars over several years, which they enter in the Formula Student competitions. Last year, they won the IMechE’s Formula Student UK
Competition, becoming only the third UK team and first Scottish team
in history to do so. They are currently working on three vehicles – an electric car to be entered in Formula Student UK23, a driverless car and concept design of an electric driverless car.
Following a visit by GU68 trustees to their workshop, an award of £7 500 was made

GU Rocketry
Rocketry were working on four different launches – one at the end of June 2023 at the Mach-23 competition and the others in August during International Rocket Week.
Chaos is the Junior Development Programmes rocket from the 2021-22 academic year, and members from that team are already working on  flagship projects in 2023
Saltire-2, which GU68 supported in previous years, has been repaired following its abruptly terminated maiden flight and is ready again for launch
Eligius contains a sustainability focused payload that monitors CO2 levels produced by cattle
Finally the flagship rocket for the 2022-23 year, Saltire-3, is in the process of being built. The application to take it to the European Rocketry Challenge held in Portugal was unsuccessful as the category was  oversubscribed, so it is hoped to carry out the project on home soil
GU68 was invited to become GU Rocketry’s Propulsion Sponsor for the year and made an award of £2 250