GU Orbit

Award made: November 2019

GU Orbit is a multidisciplinary society, involved in the design, development, construction, and launching of micro-satellites into Low-Earth-Orbit.           [more about GU Orbit]

Philip Voudouris and Marwan Hussein, 5th year MEng, Aeronautical Engineering, explained that the Society’s first micro-satellite is expected to be completed, and launched, by the third quarter of 2020 and will host one or more payloads currently under development. The society works closely with space-industry companies, providing its members with a realistic industrial environment while gaining valuable experience and knowledge in both the technical and non-technical sectors.

The award of £1000 will be spent on the vital subsystems upon which the micro-satellite’s functionality depends, which could not be feasibly manufactured in-house. This includes antennas, solar panels, special batteries, and altitude determination and control systems.