Latest Awards

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In January 2019 sixteen applications were received, and six Awards were made, totalling       £5 600.

Rebecca Hunter received £500 towards the development of a pressure mat to monitor the mobility of elderly recovering patients
£600 was awarded to a team of electronic engineering students developing an autonomous robot
Anna Robb was awarded £500 to assist in developing a sterilisable drinking fountain
£500 was awarded to Sarah Davies, who was developing a compact device to prevent sleep apnoea
Two Awards were made to teams from UG Racing, £1 500 to purchase equipment for manufacruring electronic components, and £2 000 towards the machining and manufacturing of wheel assemblies for the group’s Formula Student racing car.

In addition, Awards were made to 47 second year Civil Engineering students, to assist them in attending the annual Constructionarium residential field course.

In November 2018 sixteen applications were received, and six Awards were made, amounting to £3 630 in total.

 An Award of £1 300 was made to Kester Broach and Oliver Neill to support the design and fabrication of carbon-fibre diffuser panels for the UG Racing project.
Josef Neto received an Award of £830 to assist his project to refine Control System used in CubeSats.
The Trust made one joint Award of £1 000 to three applicants, Jon Bertram, Abdul Hadi Chibli and Borislav Gachev, for a project to measure very accurately the concentration of antibiotic in the blood of seriously ill patients
Emily Breen was awarded £500 towards the design and construction of prototypes of a device and support structure which would allow various activity and entertainment tools to be presented to patients aged up to 16 years immobilised through spinal injury.