Other awards

January 2019

£600 was awarded to a team of electronic engineering students developing an autonomous robot

Three product design engineering students studying at Glasgow School of Art received awards and showed their projects at the Degree Show on 31 May:

Beck Hunter received £500 towards the development of a pressure mat to monitor the mobility of elderly recovering patients (as illustrated here).

Anna Robb was awarded £500 to assist in developing a sterilisable drinking fountain.Anna hopes to give a new lease of life to the old drinking fountain by making it more user-friendly and hygienic. Her research showed that a key concern to stakeholders and consumers is uncleanliness and possible contamination, and she designed a drinking fountain which sterilises itself between uses via UV radiation. (See here)

£500 was awarded to Sarah Davies, who was developing a compact device to treat Obstructive Sleep Apnoea by electrical stimulation of the hypoglossal nerve beneath the tongue, which opens up patient airways by contracting the tongue forwards during sleep. The device will be much more compact and will simply fit over the lower teeth (as illustrated here).

Two Awards were made to teams from UG Racing. Click here for more details.

In addition, Awards were made to 47 second year Civil Engineering students, to assist them in attending the annual Constructionarium residential field course. This course, run by the Construction Industry Training Board gives students the chance to get their feet muddy while getting hands-on experience in building real structures.