Previous awards

To give an idea of the type of project which can be successful, here is a selection of previous awards …

James McGinley, 4th year BEng in product design engineering – a device to help children on the autistic spectrum to communicate using music.
Eilidh Johnson, 5th year MEng in product design engineering –
a smart mattress for new-born babies.
Nicholas Smith, 5th year MSc in electronics with music: –
the development of a low-cost micrometre scale etching device.
Abu Bakar Inayat, 5th year BEng, electrical and electronic engineering – building a terahertz spectrometer.
Dadong Shang, 4th year Control; biophysics of cells and systems
 – the development of robotic joints using magnetic levitation.
Cerys Murray-Scott, 5th year BEng, PDE
 – a prototype for better securing of percutaneous endoscopic gastroscopy tubes.
Nina Petric-Gray, 2nd year PhD, biomedical design engineering
 – a hand neuro rehabilitation project.
Alasdair Bulloch, 4th year BEng, aeronautical engineering
 – the design, manufacture and test of power train improvements for the Formula Student racing car.
Ema Hearty: 4th year MEng Civil Engineering with Architecture – a design for a two-classroom school in Malawi, using low-technology materials and traditional and modern techniques. See more here.
Kelsey Kordiakis: 5th year Product Design Engineering – a device that will allow a person with dementia to create music without needing special skills.
Matilda Swanson, 5th year MEng, Product Design Engineering – an alternative to the traditional umbrella which will eliminate the problems of umbrellas blowing inside out
Emily Robertson: a self-stationing sailing course marker buoy
A team of five 5th year MEng Electronics and Electrical Engineering students – an incubator to be used to in biological experiments for stimulating muscle cells.
A team of 5th year MEng in Electronics with Music students developing a low-latency Audio over Internet sound system for use at live venues
Caroline Mackie, 5th Year MEng, Product Design Engineering – a wearable device which monitors whether a sufferer of dementia is drinking adequately.
Samantha Black: 5th year MEng, Product Design Engineering – a method of secure transportation of mountain bikes on cars
Jonny Mowat: 4th Year Product Design Engineering BEng – a process for creating stencils for screen-printing in third world countries
Nina Petric-Grey: 5th year MEng, Product Design Engineering – a light therapy device suitable for use at home by people suffering from acne and other skin conditions
​Gus Thomas: 5th Year MEng, Product Design Engineering. Gus was awarded £400 – a cargo-carrying bicycle with a load capacity of 200kg
Tatiana Alexandra Todorova: 4th year BEng Mechatronics: Fashion Wearables – clothing embedded with electronics, that reacts to the dance movements and music to produce visual effects
Glasgow University Robotics Society – a robot chassis for each team, to be reused each year, so that they can focus on the electronics and control system of their robot
Ben Gregg-Smith: 2nd year BEng, Aeronautical Engineering. – The GUMake project – Atmospheric Research Balloon
Sim Li Wei Alphonsus: 4th Year BEng, Aeronautical Engineering – research into drag on Heavy Goods Vehicles using passive and active airflow control
Ivan Lazarov: 4th year BEng, Mechatronics – a portable Braille translator aiming to enable a visually impaired person to read written text.
A team of five 4th year BEng, Electronics and Electrical Engineering students – the development of a thermo-electric generator to convert waste heat from vehicle exhaust into electrical energy.
Gergely Toldi: 4th year BEng, Electronics and Electrical Engineering – the development of flexible chips for applications such as electronic skin on prosthetics.
Andrew Robertson: Fifth Year MEng, Product Design Engineering – a lightweight collapsible mountain rescue stretcher designed to fit round a rucksack and fit into a rescue helicopter.
Ramsay Black: Fifth Year MEng, Product Design Engineering – a wheelchair incorporating electric hub motors and front castors with “omni wheels” which allow sideways motion.
Daniel Harkin, 5th year MEng –  3D printing of convection ducts for a toaster which produces a slice of toast in only 20 seconds.
Helen Campbell: Fifth Year MEng, Product Design Engineering – firefighters’ guide ropes with  with LEDs which flash in sequence, indicating the direction to safety.
Maria Catalina Sevillano Rivera: 1st year PhD, Civil Engineering– a micro screen in which to cultivate for investigation micro organisms potentially contaminating water.
Jakub Czech: Fourth Year Electronics and Electrical Engineering– an electrocardiograph transmitter using body heat as an energy source.
Andrew Reid: Second Year Mechanical Engineering – moulds to enable carbon fibre panels to be made for the Formula Student racing car.
Scott Ritchie: 5th year MEng, Mechanical Engineering – the purchase of nano spheres to be used in research on ultrasound levitation.
Richard Copeland: 5th Year MEng, Mechanical Engineering – a working prototype of a lightweight bicycle designed to help people suffering from achondroplasia.
Patryk Hyjek, Bence Nagy, Callum Hawthorn and ​Gordon Anderson, 5th year MEng, Electrical and Electronic Engineering –  a Lab in a Pill. a small, cheap camera pill for use in endoscopy.
Joshua Crook, Alasdair Bruce and Luca Scodeller, 5th year MEng, Electrical and Electronic Engineering – the purchase of components required to develop a 3D printer.
Melina Bautista de los Santos, 1st year PhD, Civil Engineering – research into microbial communities in drinking water systems.
Alison Shearlaw, 5th year MEng, PDE received an Award for her project to adapt an industrial heat store for housing use, employing heat exchangers and an energy dense material, to store renewable energy.
​Hannah Jenkins, 5th year MEng, PDE – work alongside the NHS medical device design team in Glasgow to develop a small-scale digital ophthalmoscope based on digital camera technology.