Recent Awards

The total sum of Awards for the 2019-20 academic year is £15 900.

In January 2020, 21 applications were received, most from PDE students at the Glasgow School of Art.  Five students received individual Awards, and a further Award was made to the UG Racing Electric Vehicle and Driverless Vehicle Team, a total of £4375.

Additionally, Awards were made to 57 second year civil engineering students to assist with attending the Constructionarium field project, totalling £4275. This course, run in Bathgate in conjunction with the Construction Industry Training Board, gives students the chance to get hands-on site experience building real structures, and shows that there can be a rewarding career in contracting, as well as in the design office. Find out here about Constructionarium (though there is no mention of courses in Scotland).

In November 2019 six applications had been received, and five Awards were made, totalling £6250.

Isobel Leason received an Award of £500 towards a device to apply ultrasound to the jaw of orthognathic surgery patients to accelerate healing and reduce pain during the healing process.          more

Alex Duff was awarded £500 for the development of an ergonomically designed shaver to assist people living with Downs Syndrome to shave using augmented reality.          more

An Award of £500 was made to Penny Morton for the development of a kinetic aquarium system, populated by biomimetic robotic fish, designed to lower patient anxiety, by creating an environment of serenity within a typical A+E waiting room.          more

Angus Wilkie received £375 towards a wearable prototype of a device to be used by firefighters, which will collect data and transmit it to the incident commander.          more

Chiara Ross was awarded £500 to prototype a device which will give Parkinson’s sufferers audible, visual and sensory prompts to help them overcome a condition known as freezing of gait, where they effectively become stuck in one spot due to a failure of the brain to send signals effectively to the lower half of the body.         more

Three awards were made to teams from UG Racing:          [more about UG Racing]

The Electric Vehicle and Driverless Vehicle Team received an Award of £2000 for a research and development project, aiming to enter a fully electric Concept entry at Formula Student UK in 2021, with the team’s first fully electric vehicle competing on track in 2022.          more

The Aerodynamics Team received £2000 for the design and in-house manufacture of both front and rear wings on their Formula Student racing car, as well as a diffuser.          more

The Powertrain Team also received an award of £2000, for modifications to the Honda CBR600RR engine used by the team.          more

Dionysis Adamou received an award of £750 towards the design and fabrication of a printed circuit board and other components for a device to detect squeezed states of quantum light produced by the Laser Optics Team.          more

GU Orbit was awarded £1000 towards the design, development, construction, and launching of micro-satellites into Low-Earth-Orbit.       more

Kieran Kay was awarded £500 to develop a device to optimise the breathing of athletes.          more