About GU68

About the GU68 Engineers Trust

GU68 Engineers Trust was established by the 1968 Engineering Graduates of Glasgow University to raise funds for the advancement of education but, in particular, to make awards to students studying Engineering at the University of Glasgow. Each year, the Trust makes a number of Awards to assist with the costs of course projects which are normally expected to demonstrate a contribution to practice or research in one of the branches of engineering.

The Trust currently aims to provide a contribution to the short-term needs of a project being carried out by an individual student or a group of students, rather than substantial programmes of research. The Trust is not intended to be a general hardship fund, as other sources of such funding are already available, and the value of any Award is likely to be no more than £1000.

Please note that applications can only be accepted from current registered undergraduate or postgraduate students of Engineering at the University of Glasgow, including students of Product Design Engineering based at Glasgow School of Art.

Applicants studying at other institutions or studying other subjects are not eligible. If you are unsure, please email us at info@guengtrust.org.uk