Recent Awards

Members of organised groups working on longer-term projects no longer need to apply for support at the fixed times applying to individuals, and can contact us using this form at any time.

We have made an award of £3 000 to UG Racing, to finance electrical training in support of their aim to put Scotland’s first electric Formula Student car on track by July 2022. The development of an electrically powered racing car will take up by far the majority of UG Racing’s budget for 2021-22 so, all being well, we may follow this with a further award in 2022.

Where our awards help

One of the projects supported by GU68 in November 2020 was UGRacing. This is the car entered in the Institution of Mechanical Engineers Formula Student 2021 event held at Silverstone, where UGRacing achieved a best ever result of 8th place overall, to retake the Scottish Formula Student crown. In addition, the Electric Vehicle Team finished joint third out of 65 teams in the Engineering Design category. There is more information on the Awards page.