Application dates

Applications for individual awards for course projects can be made during the periods below, and an application form will be available on the To apply page during each application period. You can apply during any period, but you may find that a particular one is best suited to your course timetable.

The application periods are as follows:

September applications: exact dates will be announced here and through the course tutors nearer the time.

January applications: will open on dates in early January which will be announced here nearer the time. This is best suited to Product Design Engineering students at Glasgow School of Art and to certain MEng students at the University.

Civil Engineering students, who do not normally have a course project, usually have an opportunity to attend the ConstructionEd Field Course in May. The Trust will partly fund attendance by approved students under an arrangement with the Civil Engineering Department, and Applications will be made by the Department on behalf of Civil Engineering students attending the field course at the appropriate time. Speak to your University contact to find more.