2022-23 Awards

In 2022-23 we made eight individual awards and two group awards and we contributed to the costs of civil engineering students attending the ConstructionEd field course.

The total amount awarded was £18 200 for the academic year.

Ewan Hamilton, fifth year Aeronautical Engineering
Project: The automation of propulsion and navigation of a wheelchair, allowing the user to determine the best route for their wheelchair, using electronic components
Amount awarded:: £300

Adam White, fifth year Aeronautical Engineering
Project: the development of a Control System and the Electrical Power System to automatically manage the attitude of a CubeSat nanosatellite
Amount awarded: £600

GU Orbit, a multi-disciplinary society
Project: the ‘CloudView’ mission, developing an Electrical Power System and an Attitude Determination Control System for CubeSat, aiming to establish Glasgow as a place that allows open-source space research
Amount awarded: £1 500

Michael Gartside, MEng Product Design Engineering
Project: Michael recognised that the modern world cannot simply do away with plastic packaging and his project aimed to develop a way of compacting plastic packaging, to reduce its volume and thus interest small businesses, which pay for waste disposal by volume rather than weight.
Amount awarded: £250

Sam Rice, MEng Product Design Engineering
Project: a videography process using several cameras filming concurrently to create a volumetric video, which allows users to navigate their filmed 3D scene and emulate camera movement virtually, allowing the motion to be altered post filming.
Amount awarded: £700

Reece Kelly, Andrew Rollo and James Fox, MEng Electronics and Electrical Engineering
Project: to improve the operation and maintenance of wind turbine blades, by using a Frequency Modulated Continuous Wave radar to monitor imperfections during manufacturing and operation throughout a wind turbine’s lifecycle
Amount awarded: £500

Tara Duggan, James Campbell, Jake Beveridge and Ross McKeown, MEng Electronics
Project: to design, build and calibrate an automated liquid-handling workstation to be deployed within a lab setting, which should be more accurate than handling pipettes by human hand, but cheaper than existing automated systems
Amount awarded:: £600

Matthew Cooke, Mark Harley, James Campbell and Angus Campbell, MEng Electronics and Software Engineering
Project: to design and build a free space optical communications system using light to transfer data through free space rather than using cables or sound, allowing the user to connect a computer with an ethernet cable, so the system will act as if it is a single continuous ethernet cable.
Amount awarded:: £250

60 civil engineering students attending the ConstructionEd field course in May 2023 spent a week on a training site, building concrete structures supervised by professional staff seconded from industry. The students expressed enthusiastically how much value they got from the course, which was the first exposure to practical construction for most of them
Amount awarded: £4 500 in total. The University also supports the course financially