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Individual applicants or teams seeking support for a course project should complete the application form below and submit it during the application period. Applications for the ConstructionEd field course will be managed separately by the Civil Engineering School as previously.

If you wish to apply on behalf of an organised group working on a project not part of a course, you may do so at any time by sending an email here with a brief description of what your group does. We will arrange to meet you to discuss the possibility of support.

Selected applicants or groups will be invited to explain their project to trustees in more detail, which will normally be carried out on Zoom. The interview will last about half an hour, and your explanation should last no more than 20 minutes. If a team is working on a project, several members may take part. It will be possible to give a brief PowerPoint presentation or similar, but this is not compulsory.

All applicants, whether selected or not, will be notified by the Trust shortly after applications close. Payment of Awards will be made into a bank account immediately after advice of success.

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