2023-24 Awards

So far this year we have made one award, of £7,500 to UG Racing in support of their current projects. Last year UG Racing used our award to buy high voltage components and various drivetrain components, including a brand new differential. These drivetrain components were used on the previous year’s car and will be continued to be used this year and beyond.

This year the team aims to enter its second electric vehicle at Formula Student UK2024 and compete in dynamic events. After finishing third at FSUK23 in the Driverless category, they look to improve the robustness of their software and aim for another podium finish. The Concept team is also working on merging the Electric Vehicle and Driverless Vehicle projects, to design an EV-ADS vehicle, and manufacture UGRacing’s first driverless actuation systems in the coming years

This current award will be used to procure

  • high voltage safety training and equipment
  • battery management systems, including a temperature-sensing expansion module
  • driver equipment such as helmets, gloves, shoes and harnesses, and six new wheels

You can find out more about UG Racing’s acheivements at https://ugracing.co.uk/